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Thursday Kickball’s Jelly Champs went to Cornelius Super Corn Dog! Their Quarterfinal round was a pretty easy one… They just got to practice! (their opponents, who will remain nameless, unless you look at the schedule, had to forfeit. The reasons for said forefeit are unknown by this blogger).   So, let’s move onto the Semi-Final round [...]

If you haven’t played Kickball with NYC Social Sports Club yet, it comes highly recommended by this blogger! Thursday night Kickball has some of the most fun players out on the courts:

Thursday night Kickball is such a popular and fun night on the Lower East Side. It seemed like every time I pointed my camera at the courts, another awesome play was being made. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we…? Keep up the excellence, Kickballers!

We’ve already had a serving of Peanut Butter and now its time to add some Jelly… stick around so you don’t miss the addition of Banana!

Kickball is totally and completely back – oh yeah! Make room in your day for more sunlight, towel capes, and perfect line drives. Your wool winter coat is safely stored in the hall closet and all your gloves and ski caps have been tucked deep at the bottom of your seasonal storage trunk. IT’S SPRING! [...]

In addition to Thursday’s playoffs, the non-qualifying teams got a chance to play each other in a friendly consolation game.  With much less stress and nothing but time, anyone can see the players were truly enjoying themselves, like this member of New Kicks on the Block.

Spring II: The Kickball Rolls On! . Team Photos are in and up in the Clubhouse!  All new season, all new excitement, and all new bedazzling! . Foreigner’s Return showed up to their first games psyched and stenciled!  Their return was long awaited and valiant, a six point victory at the first game!  Beware their [...]

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