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SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Under the lights, all over the turf, spreading, and defending – Sunday Night Flag Football has picked up once more. The NFL may not come back this season, by NYC Social Sports Club keeps those footballs flying! Check out the teams running routes and draining pitchers on Sundays this spring. Also take [...]

Presenting to you a Bar Champ team so awesome, they got their own awards ceremony a week after the top tiered playoffs; a team that week after week stormed the bar and took the hearts of all the Tuesday refs – you might remember their sharpied strategy for success from an In-Lunch Movie a couple [...]

In-Lunch Movie!

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But you thought I was saving Last Ones Picked for the last day of the week, huh? Surprise! They’re in the middle discussing how they dedicated their victory to an injured teammate.

The Tuesday Flag Footballers get the turf warmed up for the Wednesday and Thursday divisions, leaving some big cleats to fill. Check out the Tuesday teams this Fall 2010 season below at a glance, or click on over to their dedicated Flickr album here. If your face is here, don’t forget to tag it on [...]

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