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The Dharma Initiative play Kickball on Thursday nights and ended up in the Peanut Butter Division. They brought their mascot, Bentley, out to the Playoffs and I do believe it acted as a good luck charm, because they took home the 1st Place Championship prize!   Let’s took a look at the path they took [...]

Thursday Kickball was eyed up by Action Weekly’s VADO video camera recently. It spied a few good plays out there… In this clip, POKO makes a nice double play against Jiminy Kick-It This next clip is a little harder to call the play, but it was a close and exciting part of the game of [...]

Spring Kickball is so huge this year, each night has been split up into different divisions to allow for more winners! Thursday, the biggest night, has got three: Peanut Butter, Jelly & Banana (might I add: YUM!). Out of the three divisions, Peanut Butter is the largest with 14 Teams, and this post is dedicated [...]

Kickball is totally and completely back – oh yeah! Make room in your day for more sunlight, towel capes, and perfect line drives. Your wool winter coat is safely stored in the hall closet and all your gloves and ski caps have been tucked deep at the bottom of your seasonal storage trunk. IT’S SPRING! [...]

Ref Action Shot

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Since I’ve met Darnell, he’s asked me to feature action shots of him reffing.  However, every shot I’ve gotten has been deemed to contain “not enough action”.  Here is Darnell posing with some members of the Killa Gorillas. That the players will pose with a ref at the end of a season speaks to Darnell’s [...]

Before their game on against the Killa Gorillas, I caught Hamsterdam in a moment of team bonding.  They took some time to stretch together.  And by stretching together, I don’t mean everyone taking some time to limber up. I mean it more like a Jane Fonda workout. One person was leading the group, while they [...]

Many familiar legends from Summer Thursday Kickball have returned for more action this Fall, along with lots of fresh faces! Check out the Team Pics and follow their kicks in their Flickr album.

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