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The majority of our sports involve balls in one way or another, but with Soccer, its all about kicking them. Wednesday night Indoor Soccer at the Chinatown Y show off some impressive kicks: (click for the kick)

Kickball is totally and completely back – oh yeah! Make room in your day for more sunlight, towel capes, and perfect line drives. Your wool winter coat is safely stored in the hall closet and all your gloves and ski caps have been tucked deep at the bottom of your seasonal storage trunk. IT’S SPRING! [...]

Wednesday Indoor hit the ground running last week and hasn’t slowed since! REALLY! They started at the Chinatown Y and headed east; don’t worry, if all ten teams continued with a pace of 148.22mph they should be able to traverse the 24,901.55 circumference of the earth in time for the 7:00pm Kickoff right back where [...]

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Wednesday I had the privilege of photographing Wednesday Kickball and gathering all the teams for their photos.  I had a really good time, and met a lot of great players in the process.  Then I went home and sat down to sort through the hundreds of pictures I took.  This is pretty standard procedure for [...]

Welcome to the onset of summer in the city.  Only four days until the longest day of the year and that mean more sunlight for Kickball games.  Join Kick Tease! (pictured left) and the other twenty teams for a post work recession session. P.S. Love the blue tongue, must mean that guy found a blue [...]

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