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Thursday Kickball was eyed up by Action Weekly’s VADO video camera recently. It spied a few good plays out there… In this clip, POKO makes a nice double play against Jiminy Kick-It This next clip is a little harder to call the play, but it was a close and exciting part of the game of [...]

Kickball is totally and completely back – oh yeah! Make room in your day for more sunlight, towel capes, and perfect line drives. Your wool winter coat is safely stored in the hall closet and all your gloves and ski caps have been tucked deep at the bottom of your seasonal storage trunk. IT’S SPRING! [...]

Could Thursdays be anymore awesome?  With two sections of Kickball running at the same time, this recess sport is taking over the island! . Check out the 24 new teams going pitch for pitch, run for run, this Spring.  The Loisaida Riders aim for number one this season, from day one. . (N.B. For NYC [...]

Just as man left earth 40 years ago, kickballs left the yard last Thursday.  July 16th, 2009 was not only the triumphant 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, but the triumphant ending to the Spring II Thursdays Kickball season when eight teams kicked it out for the title of Game Champ.  Who would end [...]

From the looks of these team pics, Thursday Kickball looks like it has its fair share of clowns.  This shot of King Zips has got a lot going on.  I can’t quite recognize the player on the left, the one with the big, finger-shaped moustache… More team pics from Thursday after the jump.

Here’s some team pics for Thursday Kickball.  This pic is of a team called HUGE.  They make me capitalize it. They’ve customized the backs of their shirts to let us know that they take the F train to get to the courts.  I was wondering how they got there! Check out the rest of the [...]

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