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Peanut Butter and Jelly are great together, but add some Banana and you’ve got a treat! So, here’s your installment of Banana…

Kickball is totally and completely back – oh yeah! Make room in your day for more sunlight, towel capes, and perfect line drives. Your wool winter coat is safely stored in the hall closet and all your gloves and ski caps have been tucked deep at the bottom of your seasonal storage trunk. IT’S SPRING! [...]

Hometown: Cornwall, Ontario (about an hour from Montreal) Neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn Day Job: Doctor (Pediatric resident to be exact) Team Name/Sport: Base Jumpers/Kickball, Kicking and Screaming/Indoor Soccer (Bar Champs! Woo!) The Swarm/Broomball How do you actually pronounce your name? Haha yes. Don’t be fooled by the spelling, it’s pronounced the French Canadian way. It’s just like saying Money, [...]

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