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“Ball” is in the name, so its quite an important part of the game Volleyball.

However, let’s check out some action shots from the first night of the Spring II season of Volleyball where the ball needs not be present to capture the action (or so I say…)


This is probably the largest league shirt I have ever seen. Who was it made for… The Jolly Yellow Giant? And to put it on such a tiny Orville Ready Blocker? I guess she could put a belt on it and make it a dress… Do we have another best dressed contest this year? Because I can see some promise with making this one work…


Many have Beer Dueled on dry land…

But Game Coordinator Paul, and Liz – Captain of Thursday Kickball team POKO took it to the water at Field Day and introduced us to the First Inaugural Raft Beer Duel:


Shake your opponents hand and bow...

Make a full turn...

CHUG (Liz is still turning...)

I'm deducting sportsmanship points from Paul for throwing his cup at Liz!

Paul still wins, and Liz weeps...

Better luck on the re-match, Liz!

Next time I’m out at the bars, I hope to see more people Beer Dueling!

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then these photos say the Mystical Sloths of Habernash are practicing to be America’s Next Volley Dance Crew or something.

Thursday ‘s Spring I Kickball Playoffs sure did bring out the doggie mascots!

Eleanore makes another appearance, cheering on Just Balls:

Kickin’ Ain’t Easy had their little side-line buddy for a little while:

Bentley roofed for Peanut Butter Champs Dharma Initiative:

And then there was Red Velvet…

such a cute puppy (at only 4mos) belonging to Banana Champs Real World Astoria:

When you are really into your game, there are times where you are one with the ball.

This member of Sets on the Beach works on channelling that connection…

On the flip side, this Bump Bros player channels the fun energy and has her moment with the ball:

The final game of Spring I Sunday Flag Football came down to Show Me TDs and I Touchdown There. The showdown was a good one, and while I Touchdown There took home their 5th Championship, Show Me TDs were on their game. For instance, this TD player went for the interception in style…

Spring II is bound to bring even more good moves. Bring on the new season!!

Friday’s Friendly Frisbee game (of the Ultimate variety) put Crazy 8′s (blue) against Bad Motherhuckers (green) for the second time in the Spring Season. The first match-up was a slaying with the 8′s winning 10-1. But like fine wine, Bad Motherhuckers got better with time. One Bad Motherhucker was overheard proudly saying at the bar afterwards: “We played our best game yet”. They still lost… but this time the score was a commendable 4-6.

They even brought the friendly interaction back to the bar...

And guess what…!? Bad Motherhuckers show they are super friendly OFF the field as well, because they won Bar Champs!:


Thursday Kickball Banana Division Champs, Real World Astoria, had a great run in the Spring I Playoffs!

Let’s take a look at their journey…



Their first game in the Quarterfinal round was against Just Balls:

Nice playing, Real Worlders! They won that game 6-1!

Next up, in the Semi-Finals Round: One Hitters

One Hitters beat them in the regular season, but Real World Astoria took this one 6-1!

Final victims: Kickin’ Ain’t Easy

In the end, Real World Astoria took home the Championship with a 6-4 score!

Congrats, Real Worlders!

(click each thumbnail to view full photos)


The NYCSSC buses invade Club Getaway!



New York City Social Sports Club made a break for the Berkshire Mountains for a little Getaway. Literally… Club Getaway! It was a nice Spring Day, and we were ready to do what we do best… Have Fun!




We tried some new adventures (outside of the “normal” sports we all play with NYCSSC):


OK, after all of that, its time to take a beer break before we move on…

So, in additional to all of the fun activities above, we were also able to enjoy some of those sports we love and are very familiar with:


After the full day we all had, everyone still had enough energy to show me how much fun they had before we departed back to good ‘ol NYC…

What a Day…

(click on thumbnails to see full photo)

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